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Plato’s Political Philosophy

Plato’s political philosophy has been debated intensively by a number of scholars over the last decades, challenging the traditional interpretation of Plato as a utopian.

In this workshop we intend to examine Plato’s comments on political participation - that is, the politician’s or the citizen’s active involvement in the polis’ institutions. These comments are scattered in various dialogues: Some of them seem to fall within the category of utopian political philosophy, others seem to fall within quite another category, namely realist comments on existing constitutional framework and on-going political practices. Moreover, we want to pay attention to the way in which late ancient Platonists interpreted these aspects of Plato’s political philosophy.

  • Catherine Rowett (University of East Anglia): Doing philosophy the
    Genealogy Way: Bernard Williams and Plato’s Republic
  • Vivil Haraldsen (University of Oslo): Utopia or Atopos? Reading
    Plato's Republic as Political Education
  • Anders Dahl Sørensen (University of Copenhagen): Plato on Lawful
  • Leo Catana (University of Copenhagen): Plato on Recognition in the
    Realm of Politics: Gorgias 513a-c
  • Bert van den Berg (University of Leiden): Philotimia: The Neoplatonic
    Psychology of a Political Emotion

The event is open to all students and researchers, including those who are not affiliated with the Division of Philosophy.

Should you wish to attend, please register in advance with Leo Catana.