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Student guidance

Office and Telephone Hours


Telephone Hours: 9.00-10.00

Office Hours: 10.00-13.00


Telephone Hours: 11.30-12.30 — only Thursdays!

Office Hours: 12.30-15.30

We close the telephone and scheduled office hours on time, even if there is a queue. We receive most enquiries between 12 noon-1 pm.

Phone: 35 32 88 55
E-mail: - there can be up to 14 days' response time.
Location: Room 14.3.55 at South Campus

★ Change in Office Hours ★

NB! On May 15th the office hours end at 11.55.

Professional secrecy
We are as student counsellors bound to professional secrecy, so you can have a conversion with confidentiality. Though not in cases, where we are informed of crimes or exam cheating. In these cases we are bound to inform the Head of study.