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The Department of Media, Cognition and Communication currently offers the BA and MA programmes in Rhetoric in Danish only.

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Programme Descriptions

Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric

The Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric provides the students with basic theoretical, critical and practical academic competences in rhetoric. They develop skills in expository and persuasive communication in speech and writing with due regard to the context and they learn how to analyse and evaluate a wide range of rhetorical and literary texts. The study programme consists of a number of compulsory courses and is concluded with an individual written assignment (worth 15 ECTS). 

Master of Arts in Rhetoric

The Master of Arts in Rhetoric equips the students with advanced theoretical, critical, practical, and didactic competences in rhetoric. The study programme consists of one compulsory course (30 ECTS), elective courses (usually 15 ECTS each), and a Master's thesis (30 ECTS). The main subjects are rhetorical theory from classical antiquity to the present, oral interpretation, voice production and composition, including subjects such as argument theory, rhetorical criticism, speech writing, and Internet writing.