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New issue of the MEF-journal no. 8

On Tuesday, March 14 2017, the 8th issue of the MEF-journal was published and celebrated with a reception for authors, reviewers and editors from the MEF-journal, as well as students and employees from the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication (MCC).

The new issue consists of four articles from five contributors as well as an introduction by the editors and can be read online here.

The four articles are:

  • “Exploring the impact of ‘read receipts’ in Mobile Instant Messaging” by James Lynden and Teis Rasmussen. Here the two authors look into psychological reactions of senders and receivers to ‘read receipts’ on mobile mediums such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Whatsapp.

  • “When the past came back to haunt the French: Otherness, stereotypes, and structures of sympathy in Caché and Un Prophéte” by Nicklas Banke Jensen. Here the author investigates the two French films through a comparative analysis with focus on their exploration of “foreigners”.

  • “What everyone needs to know about happiness research” by Sergej Milanovic, in which Milanovic voices a philosophically oriented discussion of happiness research and critiques the book “Lykke” (“happiness”) by Professor Christian Bjørnskov.

  • “På kanten af det symbolske – en gentænkning f Levi-Strauss’ strukturelle antropologi” (roughly translated, “on the edge of the symbolic – a rethinking of Levi-Strauss’ structural anthropology) by Katrine Høghøj. Here Høghøj criticizes the post-structural reception of Levi Strauss’ structural anthropology.

Read the full articles here and see photos from the reception on March 14 below.

The Journal will especially strengthen students’ and younger researcher’s possibilities for publishing professional knowledge based on e.g. dissertations, larger written assignments or courses. Furthermore, the aim of the journal is to strengthen the ties between research and education and provide expert knowledge to people working professionally within the respective research areas of the department. The Journal is open for submissions for the next issue with a deadline on September 1, 2017. Read more here.