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Andreas Lindegaard Gregersen

Andreas Lindegaard Gregersen

Associate Professor

I have been associate professor at the section for Film, Media and Communication since 2013.

I coordinate the Cognition and Communication programme and I am a member of the Department council (as elected representative for the section for Film, Media and Communication).

I coordinate the local research priority area Cognition and Audiovisual Media together with Birger Langkjær.

I teach courses in communication theory and empirical methodologies as well as cognitive film theory and computer-mediated and networked communication at Cognition & Communication.

My primary research interests are cognitive theory, computer and video games, interactivity and gaming culture, audiovisual communication and narratology, communication theory, research methodology, and genre theory. I also have an interest in visualization, especially using R.

My publications tend to focus on video games, cognition, and genre. You can track my model of embodied interaction as a fairly consistent framework through several of my publications: this framework connects a model of game interactivity and gamer embodiment to questions of genre. Aspects of the model has been laid out in my PhD dissertation, the chapter by Torben Grodal and me on Embodiment and Interface published in “The Video Game Theory Reader 2” (2009), my article on motion gaming and genre in the journal Mediekultur (2011), my article on cognition, generic structures and experiences in video games in Philosophy and Technology (2013), and my chapter on core cognition and video games in the anthology "Cognitive Media Theory" on Routledge (2014). I also have a chapter in the recent anthology "Video Games and the Mind" (2016), which looks at why it feels so meaningful to hit things (in games).

For a statement of why (I think) cognition is an important topic for video game scholars, see my contribution to The Routledge Companion to Video Game Studies.

I collaborate with Anne Mette Thorhauge on studying games, primarily in a study of problematic gaming behaviour in Denmark, where Anne Mette is the principal investigator. This project is supported by the Danish Council for Independent Research: Social Sciences. We have given a couple of conference presentations and are now in the process of writing up a selection of articles and anthology chapters.

I also research "older" media, like television. My most recent co-authored article (in Poetics, no issue assigned yet) describe a study which investigated emotional responses to television fiction using skin conductance measurements. This work was conducted in collaboration with Birger Langkjær and researchers from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

Together with Birger Langkjær and several researchers from Lund I am part of collaborative project with Lund University where we are investigating avenues for empirical formalization of cognitive film theory. This grew out of a project supported by Einar Hansens Fond.

Finally, I am still trying to find the time to write up a long-delayed(!) article on cognitive formal-functional sequential framework for analysis of audiovisual material. The basis is a study of the short animated film "Mickey's Fire Brigade".

Also, if anyone wants to discuss cognitive theory and/or data analysis procedures in general, I am game. This might include, but isn't limited to, discussions of Howard Becker, Anselm Strauss, Hadley Wickham, Lee Perry, King Tubby, Scientist and other influential people of this sort.

Primary fields of research

  • Computer and video games
  • Cognitive media theory
  • Cognitive theory
  • Genre theory
  • Digital media and communications
  • Research methodology and visualization


Digital media, computer and video games, communication theory and empirical methodologies, research design, cognitive theory

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