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Andreas Christiansen

Andreas Christiansen


My research primarily concerns political decision-making, especially concerning new and potentially controversial technologies, such as synthetic biology and genetically modified organisms. I mainly work on the following issues:

- Economic theories of value, and decision-making methods inspired by normative ('welfare') economics, in particular cost-benefit analysis. I also investigate alternatives to these, e.g. ideas about 'public value' and 'the public interest'.

- Risk and decision-making under uncertainty. This includes ethical theories about when it is acceptable to impose risk on people, as well as theories of rational decision-making under risk and/or uncertainty (including excpected utility theory, the precationary principle and theories of bounded rationality)

- Democracy and political legitmacy, particularly where the citizenry can be expected not to be well-informed. This especially entails an examination of psychological and social scientific theoires of the formation of political preferences and their implications for democratic legitimacy.

Primary fields of research

Ethics of biotechnology; democracy and political legitimacy; the ethics of risk; the precautionary principle; moral psychology; economic theories of value; normative economics; global economic justice.


Ethical theory, applied ethics, political philosophy, metaethics and moral psychology, history of political ideas, philosophy of mind.

ID: 13895094