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Ally McCrow-Young

Ally McCrow-Young

PhD fellow

Current research

My research explores the genres of protest images or ‘counter-images’ produced by activists within the visual landscape of the ISIS conflict. Like eyewitness footage, these counter-images contradict and destabilise dominant military and political narratives. They are part of a dynamic struggle between extremists, state institutions, activists, the media and the public over shaping the visual discourse of the ISIS conflict. The project contributes to knowledge on how activists satirise and undermine extremist narratives, and the way we understand their struggle for control over how this very current conflict is represented.

This project is part of the research group Images of Conflict - Conflicting Images (ICCI) led by associate professor Mette Mortensen. The ICCI includes a core group of seven scholars, and examines the “ways in which digital communication technologies fundamentally change the circulation of images from areas of conflict.” (ICCI project overview). The project addresses how the mediated visibility of contemporary conflicts is reconfigured by participants in conflicts producing and distributing images through connective media. Read more about the ICCI project here.

Fields of interest

  • Digital activism and online collective action
  • Mediated (in)visibility and counter-images
  • Critical animal and media studies
  • Digital protest cultures and resistance politics


  • Online media and political engagement
  • Social media
  • Online identity politics
  • Media representations

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