Full program

Workshop Programme Thursday

8:45  Morning Coffee, welcome and Chat

9:15 Thomas Bolander
From Human Brains to Computer Programs: Formalisation and Idealisation in Artificial Intelligence

10:15 Lars Birkedal
Formalized Models and Logics for Reasoning about Programs

11:15 Valentin Goranko
Etudes on formalizing knowledge and  ignorance

12:15 Lunch

13:00 Paula Quinon
Is the Church-Turing Thesis a Carnapian Explication?

14:00 Peter Pagin
Semantic theory and linguistic processing

15:00 Stig Andur Pedersen
The Role of Ideal Elements in Mathematics

16:00 Sara Negri
Formal counterfactual reasoning

17:30 dinner

Workshop Programme Friday

8:45  Morning Coffee and Chat

9:15 Patrick Blackburn
On the character of temporal indexicals

10:15 Wlodek Rabinowich
Transferring Formal Models: From Values to Probabilities

11:15 Sven Ove Hansson
Belief change with direct choices

12:15 Lunch

13:00 Justine Jacot
Independence-friendly languages for signaling games

14:00 Carsten Schürmann
Epistemic Proofs 'R Us

15:00 Erik J Olsson
Gettier and Explication: A 60 Year Old Solution to a 50 Year Old Problem

16:00 Staffan Angere