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Film, Media and Communications

The Film, Media and Communications collection

The collection contains about 13,700 volumes and 20 ongoing journals. The collection is sorted as follows.

Topic lineup (the Danish word in brackets)

A News papers (Aviser) 
B Litterature (Litteratur)
C Computer (Computer)
DK Decimal division (Decimalklassedeling) no further devision
F Film (Film)
Fot Photografi (Fotografi)
M Mass Communication (Massekommunikation)
Mu Music (Musik)
R Radio (Radio)
Re Commercials (Reklame)
T Comics (Tegneserier)
Tv Television (TV)


Number Division
(0) Reference material by form (Generelle og Referenceværker)
 0 Generalities, miscellaneous collected works (Oversigtsværker)
 1 Corporate bodies (Institutioner)
 2 Film/TV industry: Economics, Production (Produktion og Økonomi)
 3 Distribution, Exhibition, Transmission (Distribution)
 4 Society and Cinema/TV (Samfundet)
 5 Education, Research (Uddannelse)
 6 Aesthetics, Theory, Criticism (Æstetik og Teori)
 7 History, Genres, Sepcific films/programs (Historie og Genre)
 8 Biography (Biografi) 
 9 Miscellanies, Varia, Special collections (Diverse)