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Film, Media and Communications

The Film, Media and Communications collection

Topic lineup (the Danish word in brackets)

Lineup Subject 
A News papers (Aviser) 
B Litterature (Litteratur) 
C Computer (Computer) 
DK Decimal division (Decimalklassedeling) no further devision
F Film (Film)
Fot Photografi (Fotografi)
M Mass Communication (Massekommunikation)
Mu Music (Musik)
R Radio (Radio)
Re Commercials (Reklame)
T Comics (Tegneserier)
Tv Television (TV)


Number  Division
(0) Reference material by form (Generelle og Referenceværker)
- use in the library only
 0 Generalities, miscellaneous collected works (Oversigtsværker)
 1 Corporate bodies (Institutioner)
 2 Film/TV industry: Economics, Production (Produktion og Økonomi)
 3 Distribution, Exhibition, Transmission (Distribution)
 4 Society and Cinema/TV (Samfundet)
 5 Education, Research (Uddannelse)
 6 Aesthetics, Theory, Criticism (Æstetik og Teori)
 7 History, Genres, Sepcific films/programs (Historie og Genre)
 8 Biography (Biografi) 
 9 Miscellanies, Varia, Special collections (Diverse)