Film, Media and Communication

The Film, Media and Communication Section has a wide number of research areas covering the entire spectrum of film, media and communication. The section is characterized by combining aesthetic and interpretative traditions from humanities with qualitative and quantitative social science approaches. 

The section conducts research within five areas:

  • Communication and new media on different (mobile and other digital) platforms, within a range of public and private domains;
  • Journalism and cross-media communication on different platforms and within different genres;
  • Mediatization studies within a range of different fields, across generations and institutions and on different levels (micro, meso and macro);
  • Popular media culture, including cognitive film and media studies as well as studies of media production processes and gaming studies.
  • Film, media and communication history, including single case studies as well as studies of (the relation between) media in a historical context.

Staff at Film, Media and Communication

Research groups

Children, Media and Culture
Contacts: Anne Mette Thorhauge 

Cognition and Audiovisual Media
Contacts: Andreas Gregersen and Birger Langkjær

Digital Communication and Aesthetics
Contact: Klaus Bruhn Jensen

Media Systems and Journalism
Contacts:  Nete Nørgaard Kristensen and Henrik Søndergaard

Moving Image Aesthetics: Danish Origins and Transnational Perspectives
Contacts: Johannes Riis and Casper Tybjerg

Research projects with external funding

Computational artifacts
Contact: Klaus Bruhn Jensen

From Ivory Tower to Twitter (FITT): Rethinking the Cultural Critic in Contemporary Media Culture
Contact:  Nete Nørgaard Kristensen

Images of Conflict, Conflicting Images
Contact: Mette Mortensen

Personalizing the professional
Contact: Stine Lomborg

The People’s Internet (PIN)
Klaus Bruhn Jensen

TransSol: European paths to transnational solidarity
Contact: Hans-Jürg Trentz