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Children, Media and Culture

The aim of the research priority area on Children, Media and Culture is to strengthen and coordinate research initiatives within the field of children, media and culture drawing attention to individual scholar’s research as well as strengthening initiatives running across this research area.

We intend to create a dynamic forum of research activities regarding children, media and culture, focusing on, by way of example, the interaction between digital media, experience and learning, general education and training; discussing the influence of media on children’s social and psychological relations and development; analyzing children’s communities and identities inside and outside institutions; studying how media influence ideas of childhood and children as well as how media cultures influence children’s play, their development of competencies and modes of expression, and their leisure time culture and patterns of social interaction and communication – all in a national, international and global perspective.

Anyone at MEF, at other departments at the Faculty and at Copenhagen University, as well as external partners, who are interested in this field of children, media and culture, are very welcome to join the activities of the research priority area.

We will meet around every 6 weeks; meetings will be of varying length, from one and a half hour to a full day.