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Ethnographic studies in innovative learning contexts

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The research group is conducting ethnographical studies and research based evaluation of innovative educational projects in scholastic, profession- oriented and academic learning contexts. The projects have strong networks and the project development is made in close connection between the involved institutions and both national and international research network. 

Currently case studies and research based evaluations of educational projects are being brought out related to inter professionalism (Project InterTværs), online learning (project NETuddannelsen) and game-based profession learning (Innovation project in veterinarian study). The overall aim for the research group is to explore the relation between organizational and pedagogy development in scholastic and clinical learning contexts, and to strengthen the empirical analysis of professional orientated learning strategies, skills development and profession identity.

With shifting dominance the focus is on innovations in health, society and humanistic dimensions with case studies in educations in high school, universities and profession educations.  In this sense the case studies work is concrete organizational- and school-wise focussing on full scale cases, the whole process of implementation and the educational projects digital strategies, online learning and e-pedagogy.

The research group is supporting the development of internal and external financed projects related to the mutual themes and the particular PhD and post doc projects. We receive research residence applications and we are continuingly expanding the PhD project network, recently with links to research groups at KU, SUND with plans for PhD projects within the profession oriented learning in clinical psychiatric praxis.

International collaborations

Strengthening of the existing collaborations with networks in education & ethnography will be centered in ECER, Oxford Conferences and the conference Rethinking Ethnography. Karen Borgnakke participate as coordinator in ECER network 19 and as regional editor in the journal Ethnography and Education.

These  network activities are maintained by already started development projects and collaborations with research groups at Goteborg University, Barcelona University, Graz University, Alberta University/Edmonton (Health Sciences Education) Canada and university colleges especially UC-VIA.

Research group activities carries out as:

  • Meetings and mini seminars with discussion of involved research projects and participation of internal and external critics and presenters. The seminars will be planned in relation to the group’s research projects and networks.
  • Hosting symposiums and conferences, supporting conference participation and work in progress (from paper to journal)
  • Collaborations on Special issues, project anthologies and book projects, see:, special issue. Vol. 11.1. 2015: Exploring The Learning Context in Shifts between online and offline Learning

Tidsskrift for professionsstudier. Vol 23. 2016. Tema: Innovation og uddannelse

Ethnography and Education Volume 12, 2017 - Issue 2: Meta-ethnographic synthesis in education: Challenges, aims and possibilities 

The postmodern professional: Contemporary learning practices, dilemmas and perspectives (eds) Karen Borgnakke, Marianne Dovemark and Sofia Marques da Silva, The Tuffnell Press