Media Systems and Journalism

The focus of the research group is media systems and journalism in a time of flux. Conceptions of media institutions and journalism practice have transformed considerably in recent years in view of globalization, commercialization, convergence and digitalization. Analyses of media regulation, media institutions and media content have become key areas in international media research, pointing to the importance of understanding the media’s changing financial, technological, institutional and strategic conditions and how these frameworks influence the media products, especially journalism.

The research group brings together scholars at Section for Film, Media and Communication and Section for Rhetoric with crossing research interests on media systems, media policy, news and journalism.



External researchers

  • Nina Grønlykke Mollerup 
  • Olivier Driessens 
  • Steffen Moestrup

Researchers from MCC

Ally McCrow-YoungPhD fellow +45 353-30517E-mail
Anne JerslevProfessor +45 353-28111E-mail
Christa Lykke ChristensenAssociate professor +45 353-28116E-mail
Christine IsagerAssociate professor +45 353-28115E-mail
Eva Novrup RedvallAssociate professor +45 353-29437E-mail
Hans-Jörg TrenzProfessor +45 353-28160E-mail
Henrik SøndergaardAssociate professor +45 353-28128E-mail
Jacob ØrmenAssistant professor +45 353-28874E-mail
Nete Nørgaard KristensenProfessor +45 353-29361E-mail
Sofie FlensburgPhD Fellow +45 353-32984E-mail
Stig HjarvardProfessor +45 353-28113E-mail