Media Systems: Media Policy, Regulation and Institutions

The analysis of media institutions and media regulation has become key areas in international media research, mainly as a result of the rapid transformation of the media due to convergence, globalisation and commercialisation of the media, which have pointed out the importance of understanding the financial, technological, institutional and strategic conditions behind it.

The research group will not only focus on the institutional and organisational dimensions of the media, but will also pay attention to the role of media regulation and of media policy, both of which have major impact on the development of media systems.
Some of the group's aims are:

  • To develop a better understanding of media systems and media organisations both theoretically and methodologically.
  • To be able to contribute to current media policy debate and media policy-making, which increasingly requires evidence-based research.
  • To focus on more general and principal aspects of media developments, including the social and cultural role of the media and of particular media organisations, for example, public service media.

The idea is to establish closer relationship between, on the one hand, the media, regulators, and politicians, and on the other hand, media researchers. 

The activities of this research priority area are coordinated closely with the research priority area Journalism Studies – Crossing Boundaries.