The History and Sociology of Welfare Work

The research group was established in 2014. Monthly meetings are held and here projects, publications and future project plans are discussed and developed. Also, seminars and workshops with invited speakers are arranged.

The History and Sociology of Welfare Work encompasses research in the sociology of professions, and it aims at expanding this area, and rendering it visible. Welfare work includes for instance social educational work, psychological work or police work, done by a number of welfare professions. Research on professions often studies one particular profession, e.g., nurses or social educators, and investigates the particular set of knowledge, skills and practices that characterises the relationship between that profession and the client/ citizen. We will use the sociology of professions to evolve comparative and historical studies of the many welfare professions. This entails studying welfare work both as a space of differences, and a coherent, institutionalized whole of professions possessing structural similarities.








External researchers

PhD student Marianne Brodersen, Roskilde University
Sofie Rosengaard, BUPL 
Trine Brøndum, Ministry of Education

Researchers from MCC

Bjørn Frithiof HamreAssociate professor +45 353-36712E-mail
Lone Bæk BrønstedPhD student +45 353-33002E-mail
Stine ThygesenPhD student +45 30 71 17 62E-mail
Stine Saaby BachPhD student +45 353-34221E-mail
Trine ØlandAssociate professor +45 353-28889E-mail