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Journal of Media, Cognition and Communication is an online journal, publishing articles in the fields of film and media studies, philosophy, communication and it, education and rhetoric.

The journal will especially strengthen the students and younger researcher’s possibilities for publishing professional knowledge, emanating from e.g. dissertations, larger written assignments or courses where the teacher and student have collaborated on researching an issue. It is thus also the journals task to stimulate the visibility and results of research-based teaching as well as teaching-based research, benefitting researchers, students and the outside world. The journal publishes both interdisciplinary and single subject contributions.

The journal is peer reviewed.

Editorial board and audience

The journal is published by an independent professional editorial board and is located at Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen. The digital platform is provided by the Royal Library. The journal is open to contributions from everyone and as an open access journal it is freely accessible for anyone interested. The journal is addressed to researchers, students and others, who work professionally in the fields of the journal, both in Denmark and abroad.

Advisory board

The advisory board provides guidance about the editorial scope and circulation of the Journal. It consists of members from both private and public institutions that work professionally within the disciplines covered by the journal.

Submission of articles

The journal is published twice a year and the deadlines for submission are March 1st (for publishing in spring) and September 1st (for publishing in fall). As the production period will be short it is expected that authors are prepared to correct their contributions in a short timeframe based on the comments and corrections made by the peer review. The eleventh edition is published.

The journal accepts contributions in Scandinavian languages as well as English. Authors must be assured of the lingual correctness of the article before submission.

Articles must have a length of 5.000-7.000 words, including abstracts and references. The abstracts must be in English and Danish, and have a length of 80-100 words.

The journal will only publish articles that have not previously been published and by submitting an article the author acknowledges the journal’s right to publishing.

The editorial board reserves the right to reject contributions not complying with the formalities or not in accordance with the subjects of the journal.

For the peer review the articles must be made anonymous. This implies that the author must both register at the journal’s website and here specify the name(s) and contact information of the author(s), and also upload the article where the identity of the author(s) must not be visible.

Articles are uploaded through the digital platform at the Royal Library

Registration here.


The journal uses the Chigaco Style reference-system. There are a number of internet-resources on this subject e.g. Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide.

Researchers and students may publish together

The department has established some guidelines concerning co-authored articles by researchers/teachers and students. You may download them here.