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The members of the academic staff at the Rhetoric section are working on a series of individual projects within the core areas as well as in these joint research projects and priority areas:

Rhetorical Citizenship

The research network Rhetorical Citizenship is a community of interest including rhetoricians and researchers from other subjects that focuses on the rhetorical aspects of the notion of citizenship. The network is concerned with the public debate we participate in – or could participate in – as well as the public debate and communication of which we are receivers and consumers as democratic citizens. Both aspects are brought about by the explosive development in the flow of information and communicative media.

Public debate in Danish society

This priority area of the Rhetoric section is concerned with questions such as: What is the current state of public debate in Denmark? Which developments have we seen, if any? By which criteria can the debate be assessed and criticised? What sort of critical assessment and suggestions for improvement could be put forward? We believe that a rhetorical approach to such questions may contribute to the debate on public debate, to the increasing international research concerning these matters and to productive methods of teaching.

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The dissemination of knowledge and the public– between expert and expertise

This priority area examines how knowledge is established, valorised and circulated in the public domain in a time marked simultaneously by a collapse of ‘stabile’ authorities and a seemingly growing interest in fast and manageable answers to questions, not least those concerning the problems of everyday life – in a time when the media’s turnover of knowledge happens at lightning speed and when media exposure in itself is often decisive as far as whether or not anything is considered ‘worth knowing’.