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Nina Grønlykke Mollerup

Nina Grønlykke Mollerup


My research revolves around media and their role in societal changes, particularly in the context of conflict and repression with a focus on the actors who challenge the status quo. I am specialised in the Middle East and have conducted ethnographic fieldworks in Egypt and Syria.

I have a degree in anthropology from University of Copenhagen (2009). I have taught anthropology, visuel methods and social structures in the Middle East. I am co-convenor of the e-seminar series under Media Anthropology Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists ( and part of The Skagen Institute (

My postdoc project, Images of conflict on-the-ground: An actor’s perspective, is part of Images of Conflict, Conflicting Images and runs from November 2017-April 2019.

Primary fields of research

  • Activism and resistance
  • Journalism
  • The Middle East
  • Social movements
  • Conflict and violence
  • Repressive societies
  • Media anthropology
  • Materialities of media
  • Global flows
  • Futuremaking

Current research

My postdoc project aims to contribute to the study of the ongoing, fundamental changes to images from conflicts by focusing on the actors taking and sharing contentious images, which reach wider publics, and the immediate, on-the-ground circumstances they act in. While connective media have significantly changed the potential of non-elite actors to engage in taking and sharing images, their ability to do so is influenced by technology, skills, and access to networks and infrastructure, and it is often severely challenged by threats to their safety and the safety of their images. I focus on images from Egypt, Syria and other places.

This project is part of the research group Images of Conflict - Conflicting Images (ICCI) led by associate professor Mette Mortensen. The ICCI includes a core group of eight scholars, and examines the ‘ways in which digital communication technologies fundamentally change the circulation of images from areas of conflict’ (ICCI project overview). The project addresses how the mediated visibility of contemporary conflicts is reconfigured by participants in conflicts producing and distributing images through connective media. Read more about the ICCI project here.

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