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Anita Lyngsø

Anita Lyngsø

PhD Student

PhD Project: To study nursing at home. Educational ethnographic studies of professional education in online nursing education.

In an increasingly technology-based healthcare sector, IT is being used increasingly in everyday life in nursing. Therefore, in these years, there is a development towards incorporating IT as a learning medium in professional education, which has led to a rapidly expanding supply of web-based and online education.

The purpose of PhD project is to study what happens to nursing students' professional education and the development of professional identity when a professional education is transformed to become online in the theoretical part of the program. Similarly, the purpose is to study what happens to an organization that has over 100 years of classroom-based tradition when transforming to online.

Supervisor: Karen Borgnakke, Professor, Department of Education

Project start: February 2014, part time

Associated with the research group Ethnographic studies in innovative learning contexts

Co-financed by the Faculty of Humanities and VIA University College, Health.

ID: 97570003