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Stine Saaby Bach

Stine Saaby Bach

PhD Student

I am doing a PhD-project that deals with social anxiety among children and focuses on the social conditions they are offered at public schools. In this case I consider social anxiety as a social pathology. This means that the illness is not only individually but also partly caused by a number of social factors that makes certain mental illnesses common at a certain time. Public schools are seen as an important social arena where a certain normality is reflected. The school is therefore seen as a place for governmentality where pupils are molded to be part of a given society – and as a consequence of this pupils who suffers from social anxiety risk to be marginalized in a normality that seems to be triggers for their illness. 

This is examined by doing an analysis on social normality with specific demands to those individuals that the school produces and how this is done through specific forms of pedagogy. Empirically based on official documents describing which social skills that are preferred and interviews with teachers describing which methods they use to help the pupils in achieving these. Then a biographic analysis on how pupils with social anxiety perceive life in school under those circumstances.

ID: 174418870