Louisa Jane Holt

Louisa Jane Holt

PhD fellow

Louisa (Lucy) Holt is a PhD candidate in philosophy. Her research focuses on issues in philosophy of biology. She is employed as part of the project: Living Machines? The Prospects and Limitations of the Machine Concept of the Organism, and is working under the supervision of Sune Holm. 

Lucy is particularly interested in claims that one of the distinguishing features of living systems is the fact that living systems are appropriate subjects of benefit and harm, whereas machines are not. Related to this, is the idea that living systems are deontic: there are things which living systems ought to do and things they ought not. For example, they ought to do things which prolong their life and they ought not to do things which will end their life. She is particularly interested in the way that these evaluative and deontic claims often rest on evaluative claims about life and death. In short, the question she poses is this: is it true that life is good and death is bad for living systems?

Primary fields of research

philosohy of biology, philosophy of psychology, the nature of functional explanations, the nature of representation 


Lucy is a co-supervisor for the module Introduction to Cognitive Science

ID: 152304438