Joachim Schmidt Wiewiura

Joachim Schmidt Wiewiura

PhD fellow

Joachim S. Wiewiura (b. 1987) is PhD Fellow in philosophy at the Center for Information and Bubble Studies, University of Copenhagen. In autumn 2017, he was visiting scholar at the Digital Ethics Lab (, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. He currently teaches an MA course at the University of Copenhagen on the intellectual history of the public sphere from Ancient Athens to today. He is interested in media climates, philosophy of information and political philosophy.

He holds a BA and MA in Philosophy (resp. Aarhus Univ. / Univ. of Copenhagen) with electives in economics and economic history (Uppsala Univ., Sweden). He has studied at European College of Liberal Arts, Berlin, and taught physics students Philosophy of Science at the Niels Bohr Institute as well as Philosophy of Technology at IT University of Denmark. He is also a part of the Humanomics Research Centre’s project Mapping the Public Value of Humanities (

His project deals with the role of (mis)information in public spheres; the contrast between public signals and public opinion; information dynamics (e.g. polarization); intellectual history of the public sphere.

He's interested in political philosophy, public spaces, philosophy of architecture, the city/urbanity, philosophy of science/economics, and thinkers like Hegel, Simmel and Sloterdijk.

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political philosophy, public sphere, history of ideas, informational warfare, philosophy of architecture, urbanity and thinkers such as Hegel, Simmel and Sloterdijk.

ID: 147716522