Summer School 2016: Science Communication in Theory and Practice – University of Copenhagen

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Science Communication in Theory and Practice

Science Communication in Theory and Practice is an interdisciplinary summer school for international and Danish Master's students

Online: July 2016 (part time)
On campus: 1-12 August 2016 (full time)

This highly interactive summer school offers students the opportunity to gain skills in the understanding and production of research communication and in interdisciplinary, problem-oriented collaboration. In the theoretical part of the course students will learn the basic theory of science communication such as narrative techniques and formats, and how key messages can be conveyed clearly, accurately and memorably. Students furthermore will become familiar with basic philosophical theories needed in order to understand and reflect upon the societal role of science communication.

* Read more about the summer school curriculum

The practical part of the course consists of workshop activities, where students will work together to produce high quality science communication products such as short films, podcasts, articles and complementary social media. Work will be organised around themes that highlight different aspects of the societal role of science communication, including climate change, disaster communication, and biotechnology.

Project groups will be interdisciplinary, giving students the chance to gain hands-on experience of research and development across disciplinary boundaries. 

The two-week intensive summer school (1-12 of August) will be supported by a programme of online teaching, readings, and short tasks, which will enable students to become familiar with the theory and practice of public science communication. The online program is part-time and will take place in July. The online program includes small, mandatory tasks and assignments. For credit, students are furthermore required to hand in a written report no later than August 19.


The course is interdisciplinary in nature, and it is open to master students from any discipline as well as professionals holding at least a Bachelors degree. Students do not need to have prior knowledge of science or communication; the main requirement for participation in the course is a keen interest in science communication. The course is open to Danish as well as international students. Good English skills are required. PhD students are also eligible to apply if they can argue that the course is relevant to their studies and/or future career plans.

Local Contact Persons

The summer school is developed as a cooperation between the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Health and the Faculty of Humanities, and it will be taught by teachers with different disciplinary background. Contact persons from each faculty are:

• Faculty of Science: Mikkel Willum Johansen, Department of Science Education:
• Faculty of Health: Robin Engelhardt, Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research & School of Education & School of Global Health: 
• Faculty of Humanities: Sarah Rachael Davies, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication:
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