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The department's research is primarily organized within its four sections. To support collective research environments the Department has established a number of research groups. The overall aim is that the department's research is internationally recognized and/or of relevance to society.

Research areas of the department include human cognition, formal and informal learning, communicative action, as well as aesthetic experience in both mediated and non-mediated form. The department contributes not least with meta-knowledge: knowledge of knowledge, its content and form, status and limitations, development and dissemination.

See all the research groups and externally funded projects of the department. 


In relation to society, the department provides basic and useful knowledge about people's understanding of themselves and their place in the world, from antiquity to the present, as well as about the multifarious forms of human cognition, learning and communication.
Also essential is the study of the influence of socialisation, education, culture and communication through various media - from the conversation to the Internet - upon individuals, groups and entire communities.

The impact that the department's research have on the society at large is manyfold - in this list of research topics with great impact from the UCPH's Faculty of Humanities the department of MCC is represented with 3 examples.

Sections and research centres

The research of the department is organized within its four sections and in thematic centres.

Here you can find information about the research at the sections:

Here you can find information about the research centres: