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Charlotte Galpin

Charlotte Galpin


Member of:

    Primary fields of research

    I am a postdoctoral researcher on Work Package 3 of the EuroChallenge project at the University of Copenhagen. I study Euroscepticism and the European public sphere, with a particular focus on Germany, the UK and Poland and the relationship between EU politics and the media. My primary areas of research include:

    • European identities
    • Euroscepticism
    • European and transnational solidarity
    • The construction and contestation of crisis
    • European public sphere, including social media
    • German politics and society

    Current research

    I am currently working on a number of projects:

    My monograph, 'The Euro Crisis and European Identities: Political and Media Discourse in Germany, Ireland and Poland' is currently under contract with Palgrave Macmillan. This investigates the impact of the “Eurozone crisis” on the construction of European identities in Germany, Ireland and Poland. Combining a social constructivist approach to European identities with the constructivist and discursive institutionalist literature on ideational change and crisis, I argue that actors construct the crisis in their respective national contexts and in doing so draw on existing identities and ideas about Europe. This leads to minimal change to discourses on European identity but has an important impact on crisis policy-making in the EU. 

    Online Euroscepticism and media negativity. This project analyses European Parliament election debates in Germany and the UK and investigates the extent to which there is a systematic negativity bias in the selection, framing, amplification and reception of EU news. Specifically, it examines online news and social media engagement and employs a quantitative methodology to understand the extent to which support for Eurosceptic parties can be understood as media-driven.

    'Brexit' In Transnational Perspective in France, Germany and the Netherlands. This project, in collaboration with Patrick Bijsmans (Maastricht) and Benjamin Leruth (Kent), analyses newspaper coverage of the UK referendum on EU membership, from David Cameron's Bloomberg speech in 2013 to the referendum campaign and reaction to the result in 2016. The project investigates the extent to which the debate reveals evidence of transnational Euroscepticism in conservative-leaning newspapers - shared concerns and demands for EU reform - or serves to foster a sense of unity between the other member states. It takes a public sphere approach to Euroscepticism and employs a qualitative analysis of public debates in order to shed light on international perspectives on Brexit.

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