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Concluded projects:


The dissemination of knowledge and the public– between expert and expertise

This priority area examines how knowledge is established, valorised and circulated in the public domain in a time marked simultaneously by a collapse of ‘stabile’ authorities and a seemingly growing interest in fast and manageable answers to questions, not least those concerning the problems of everyday life – in a time when the media’s turnover of knowledge happens at lightning speed and when media exposure in itself is often decisive as far as whether or not anything is considered ‘worth knowing’. Head of research: Associate professor Christa Lykke Christensen.

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High-tension Aesthetics

Ethics and Aesthetics in Contemporary Media (2005-2008) The project, which ended in 2008, was concerned with the exaggerated, vociferous and most often very emotional appealing and affect causing cultural expressions. An important part of the project was the discussion of 'ethical quality'. On the basis of, among other things, a number of empirical surveys of audiences' perception of theatre, film, television and homepages, the researchers discussed whether and how the aesthetic quality and the morality of the media add up. Head of research: Professor Anne Jerslev.

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The Transformation of Newspapers and Journalism

The Printed Press as Cultural and Political Resource (2007-2009) The purpose of the research project is to investigate the function of the printed press as a cultural and political resource, in a time when extensive changes to both the structure and journalistic content of newspapers entail large-scale consequences for the entire Danish media landscape, as well as for the public in general. Head of research: Professor Stig Hjarvard.