The Philosophy Section is diverse and pluralistic, and many of our research activities involve collaboration with other disciplines, e.g. psychiatry, psychology, social science, medicine, the life sciences, computer science, economics, classics and theology.

The research groups and researchers regularly publish at the forefront of international research, e.g. within the areas of philosophy of mind, phenomenology, social epistemology, political philosophy, bioethics, medical ethics, history of philosophy and philosophy of science. 

Staff at the Philosophy Section

Research groups

History of Philosphy
Contacts: Leo Catana and  Sabrina Ebbersmayer

Theoretical Philosophy
Contact: Thor Grünbaum

Practical Philosophy
Contact: Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen

Research projects with external funding

Convergent ethics and ethics of controversy (CEEC)
Contact: Klemens Kappel

Intentions, Selection and Agency
Contact: Thor Grünbaum 

Living Machines? Prospects and Limitations of the Engineering Approach to the Organism
Contact:  Sune Hannibal Holm

Psyko social aspects of Cerebral Palse
Contact: Kristian Moltke Martiny

Social Sammenhængskraft
Contact: Vincent Hendricks

The Politics of Social Cohesion
Contact: Nils Holtug

The social epistemology and social psychology
Contact: Klemens Kappel

You and We: Second-person engagement and collective intentionality
Contact: Dan Zahavi