Digital Communication and Aesthetics – University of Copenhagen

Digital Communication and Aesthetics

The ongoing digitalization of the media field poses a number of significant challenges for media and communication research. Departing from the theoretical and historical roots of the Film, Media and Communication section at the University of Copenhagen, the research group focuses on new forms of communication and aesthetic expression in digital media. The activities have three foci:

•  The remediation of 'old' media, for example, the interrelations of television programs and the websites associated with them, digital production and distribution of film, and marketing via the internet;

•  The distinctive features of 'new' media, for example, political websites, online computer games, and social network sites;

•  The potential of 'emerging' media, for example, mobile services, ubiquitous computing, and intelligent environments.

The central research questions can be summarized in concepts of intermediality, interactivity, and intertextuality; convergence and divergence; and cross-media communication. The area of digital media and culture, further, is ripe with opportunities for collaboration with external partners in media, business, the public sector, and civil society.

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The research group works in close cooperation with the Centre for Communication and Computing (CCC) - a multi-disciplinary and cross-faculty initiative within the University of Copenhagen, joining expertise from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Humanities.

Thesis students are invited to participate in the research group. Read more here.