Fractures, dislocations and disruptions in the educational field – University of Copenhagen

Fractures, dislocations and disruptions in the educational field

The last decades of awareness and interest in the educational field has expanded concurrently with knowledge and skills considered as a central dimension of the national state’s position in a global economy. It has become prominent to describe the quality of education from an economic perspective, with particular emphasis on productivity and efficiency. Generally, our purpose is to study how the economic and societal turn has changed the logic and conditions in the educational field and encouraged the emergence of new educational issues. The attempt is to investigate the fractures, dislocations and disruptions within this societal context of educational changes. Our research group has a particular concern with addressing the incidence of pedagogical problems, which are only sporadically visible, but can be identified in terms of mechanisms, processes and trends.

The topics of the research group are, among other things, concerning the resent focus within the educational field on individualization, and what this means in a societal perspective. This applies in particular to the fact that pedagogy’s legitimacy previously secured its role as educating to a cohesive society. In the age of globalization, the cohesive society is history. We therefore want to study what happens to ethics and respect for 'the other' and the community in a society where children and young people are brought up to be more concerned about themselves? The aim of the research group is partly to follow the already visible and identifiable trends and their 'sustainability', partly to give an idea of the direction, the development moves.