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Research in Education

Research at Section of Education concerns the pedagogical areas such as upbringing, education, learning and teaching. The research focuses at formal and informal contexts and different institutional connections for children, young people and adults in a national as well as comparative and global perspective.

Research for the public

Education and pedagogy concerns us all, so there is a large societal need for knowledge about the subject area of the section. The research has a wide variety of applications, and it enables and qualifies a range of discussions about education and pedagogical praxis.

The research concerns pedagogy, the foundation problems of the pedagogical professions and a number of pedagogical problems related to the categories of gender, culture, class, nation, ethnicity, identity and subjectivity.

Methodologically, researchers apply didactic analysis, ethnographic and sociological approaches, approaches within philosophy and the history of ideas, social historical and genealogical approaches as well as political-sociological document analyses and historical source studies.

Finally, the researches at the section carry out research based evaluations of pedagogical experiments and innovative education concepts, and research is conducted in the significance of evaluations for pedagogical processes.