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Research in Rhetoric

Research in the Rhetoric section is carried out in three key areas, either separately or in connection:

1) Theoretical rhetoric

Theoretical rhetoric includes, among other areas, argumentation, communication for general audiences, rhetorical norms (e.g., evaluative standards for public debate), principles of rhetorical criticism and analysis, written and oral genres, credibility, and principles of good oral delivery.

2) Practical rhetoric

Practical rhetoric is about actual communication and composition within all genres and media, from the planning stage to delivery or publication.

3) Historical rhetoric

Historical rhetoric studies the rhetorical theory and practice of earlier ages, usually seen as resources for contemporary theory and practice.

See all the research priority areas and externally funded projects of the Section of Rethoric.

A many-facetted subject

Our research concerns rhetorical phenomena in Danish as well as more general subjects; as a consequence, our publications are partly in Danish or Scandinavian, partly in English. Increasingly, we communicate and collaborate with scholars in other countries, particularly in Scandinavia, the US, and Canada.

Rhetorical research is often closely connected with teaching in written and oral skills, and much of our research is applied directly in textbooks and instructional practice.

Rhetoric is definition a cross-disciplinary subject with overlaps to many other fields. Hence our research receives impulses from  neighbouring disciplines such as media studies, philosophy, education, linguistics, literary scholarship and political science - and at the same time these fields increasingly incorporate ideas and insights from rhetoric.