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Research in Section of Rhetoric

Rhetoric is a modern communication discipline with roots in the classical tradition. It investigates how messages of different kinds function in concrete/specific situations.

Useful research across subject areas

Research in rhetoric covers a wide field of historic, analytic, critical and performative approaches. At the same time as rhetoric has a distinct, classical foundation, it is also a cross-sectional discipline that exchanges impulses with border disciplines such as media studies, philosophy, political science, pedagogy, linguistics, visual culture and aesthetic disciplines such as comparative literature, film studies, theater research and musichology.

The researchers of rhetoric at the department form networks with foreign researchers, especially from Scandinavia, the US and Canada.

Rhetoric core areas

1) Theoretical rhetoric

Theoretical rhetoric is concerned with analysing, using and developing principles and criterions of evaluation within subjects such as argumentation, communication, rhetorical criticism and analysis, written and oral genres and credibility.

2) Practical rhetoric

Practical rhetoric is concerned with concrete communication and text production within all genres and media from planning to execution or publication.

3) Historical rhetoric

Historic rhetoric investigates rhetoric theory and praxis of the past - often regarding them as resources for contemporary theory and praxis.