Research in Film and Media Studies – University of Copenhagen

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Research at Section of Film and Media Studies 

How are the elderly portrayed in the media? How do children and young people use new media? What are the social consequences of the increasing digitalization of society? Will e-books outcompete paper books? What characterises Kestner’s documentarism? And what is it that makes Lars von Trier’s films so interesting?

The scientific staff at Section of Film, Media and Communication is occupied with all these subjects.

That is because the researchers here are occupied both with film science as an art, culture and communication form, and with media science which focuses on television, audiovisual communication, internet and computer mediated communication.

Research across boundaries

Obviously media researchers investigate and analyse different medias’ special features/characteristics. But there is an increasing focus on the interconnections between media. It is interesting to look at the merger and the synergies that arise when products and productions use several different media platforms simultaneously.

Research with media is theoretical, analytic, historical, sociological and psychological and the research is characterized by a high degree of interdisciplinarity where humanistic, psychological and social scientific approaches are combined.

Regarding both subjects and theory, the research has an international perspective and is often developed in close dialogue with international research environments.